Thursday, 22 March 2007

SNCF branding going off the rails?

SNCF French Railways appear to be suffering from sub brand and product naming excess and confusion. In a desire to segment the rail offer and build individual brands and identities, they have moved from the monolithic and industry focused single SNCF identity to a myriad of competing and conflicting brands which risk loosing the consumer in their complexity.

This example shows three different brands all applied to a single train. Add to this TGV, Ter and Fret etc. and the picture becomes even more confused.

Sub branding works successfully when a manufacturer eg: Renault, builds different models for different consumers eg: Megane, Espace, Clio or Apple produce a variety of different products: i Mac, i Phone, i Pod etc. but what does Téoz, Corail and SNCF mean on a single wagon?

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