Saturday, 3 March 2007

Japan Post Office logo and grafitti

This is an extremely rare example of disrespect of public property and grafitti in Japan. Infact it is the only example of this sort of street grafitti that I saw in two years.

Tokyo is a city in a permanent state of demolition and rebuilding. Construction site hoardings are often made of white enamelled metal panels. Ringing a large construction site they can be more than a kilometer in length. These walls are immaculately clean and do not have a single poster, sticker or fly sheet stuck on them, let alone a single grafitti tag or mark! Something that would be quite inimaginable anywhere else in the world.

Vehicles leaving the sites are always washed down to avoid messing the street and holes and trenches dug in the roads during the day are always filled and resurfaced at the end of the day to ease evening traffic conditions. The lines are even repainted on the temporary road surface.

Amusingly this grafitti even has a sense of humour. It so calls out to be created I almost wish I had done it myself!

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