Tuesday, 30 June 2009

King of Pop

Concept can by a Los Angeles designer in honour of Michael Jackson and Pepsi - two icons on Pop.
The can is meant as a tribute and art piece and not as a purely commercial operation.


Following on from the brand and business cards, I have developed the web site look and feel for www.mariaduffinteriordesign.com.
This continues the idea of 2 & 3 dimensionality with a juxtaposition of graphics and photographs.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Maria Duff Interior Design brand

Our brand identity for Maria Duff Interior Design explores graphically the idea of three dimensionality, with an interplay of light and surfaces suggesting depth and planes, foreground and background. Whilst remaining 2D it speaks of the 3D.

b3 - beverage, brand, bottle

b3 - a project to create a beverage, brand and bottle for a non alcoholic drink.
'Slice' is about as pure and close to nature as you can get. The PET cup and Slice logo is cut at a diagonal to communicate the immediacy of the slicing gesture. The cup is textured like the skin of the fruit, the top conveys all the freshness of the real fruit. Extensible across a full range of different flavours.
'Twist & Mix' is a scientific approach where the fruit concentrate in the neck of the bottle is released into the water when the drinking straw is inserted.
'Hot' an energy drink, works on the principal of two ingredients which separate, like oil and water, until shaken when they become one. A transparent PET can has a ring-pull opening. When shaken and mixed the temperature appears to rise as in a thermometer.
'Drop' a collection of pure spring mineral waters, conveys purity with a transparent film pouch in the form of a water drop.
All work by students of Ecole Bleue.

Some design quotations - don't forget!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Ferran Adrià's Inedit beer

Ferran Adrià of elBulli, voted the best restaurant in the world for four years running, has now produced a beer, Inedit, a ‘unique coupage of barley malt and wheat with hop, coriander, orange peel, liquorice, yeast and water’. To be kept, served and consumed like a fine wine. Distinctively minimal 'star' branding.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Réservoir Créatif team

I have prepared two workshops for Réservoir Créatif, the continuing professional education programme for the creative industry. www.reservoircreatif.fr
Design in English will equip designers and brand managers to discuss and present their work to English speaking clients and partners.
Brand Design
is a hands-on creative session exploring the world of brands and creating a new brand for a conceptual project in a virtual agency environment.

Global Warming project at Ecole Bleue

I have just run a Global Warming project with 4th Year students at the Ecole Bleue. Some very impressive visual communications work has been produced. This powerful poster and promotional set of tea bags is by Marina.

Packaging Design Workshop

I have recently animated a client workshop on critical issues in Packaging Design, covering form, function, environmental, communication and branding issues.

In a hands-on creative session we explored techniques, materials and solutions, culminating in some exciting ideas to take forward into production.

Green typography

Ecologically sound, very green typography. Just add water and sunshine for a larger point size or bolder weight...
Love it and just can't wait to use it for a client.

Fine calligraphy for Nike

A magnificent piece of calligraphy used in this Nike advertisement seen recently in Paris. I am hunting for the designers name to credit this work. Anybody know?

Parsons Paris School of Design jury

This year I participated in the 2009 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Communication Design jury at Parsons Paris. The school in the 15th Arrodissement is the Paris campus of Parsons School of Design New York.

des!gn think!ng - brand new

After a little over two years, it was time that the design thinking blog got a new brand identity. So here it is.

ELF and WWF environmental awareness campaigns

Earth Love Foundation and WWF posters for global warming - climate change and environmental rain forest protection campaigns.

1 billion flick the switch for Earth Hour

This year 1 billion people turned off their lights for an hour on 28 March to save energy for the earth. The result was visible from space.
Earth Hour campaign poster by Shepard Fairey.

Tokyo Fashion map Uniqlo video clip

1000 Tokyo residents wearing Uniqlo parkas mapped to their real world locations. A creative video clip.