Thursday, 27 September 2018

Michal Bator poster design

Visit to Michal Batory's studio. He will be talking at the Ecole Bleue in the designer conference cycle in a couple of months.

Anthon Beeke, designer of the Naked Alphabet has passed away.

Sunday, 9 September 2018

UK - France postage stamp design, two different visions

UK - France, two different approaches to postage stamp design. UK by Hat-trick Design using monochrome photography, wood block letterpress printing & theatrical colour palette. France with a poorly executed illustration of Marianne, weak typography and strange layout...

Hat-trick Design Old Vic Theatre stamps

Hat-trick Design London have created these typographic theatre stamps for the Old Vic Theatre, featuring Grotesque and Slab Serif wood type letterpress printing by typographer Kelvyn Laurence Smith and black & white portrait photos.

US Postal Service John Lennon stamp published

New York Times anonymous insider article & Fear: Trump in the White House - poster

Daniel Arsham's 'Dystopian 3018' exhibition

Daniel Arsham's 'Dystopian 3018' exhibition New York. With US Pop Culture symbols and this Future typography.

Tiny Hand Trump typeface

Tiny Hand Donald Trump typeface created, as a free download, by BuzzFeed designer Mark Davis based on Trump's distinctive immature scrawl using a Sharpie marker.

Brand New Roman typeface

Brand New Roman typeface by Hello Velocity agency, made up from the world most famous logotypes.