Wednesday, 22 October 2008

me-we brand: The Alliance for Climate Protection

The complete article by Steven Heller from the New York Times.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

1° and me - we brands

The 'me - we' brand by New York designer Brian Collins for
Al Gore's Alliance for Climate Protection campaign and the
1° Australian Climate Change brand by Landor for Rupert Murdoch's News Corps campaign.
Two brands that brilliantly communicate their critical global messages.

me - we is a clever visual pun and calculus, a powerfully simple and universally impactful icon.
1° communicates the idea of a one degree reduction in global temperatures by every individual, hence the 1 that looks like a human figure. If everyone changes behavior, we can change the planet.
Congratulations on their minimal simplicity, understatement and creative intelligence.

Table of branding element terms

branding definitions
Follow the link and roll over the brand element table to discover the definition of the branding evolution terms.
Built by Kolbrener, a lead generation agency

Philippe Starck's 'Why Design?' TED conference

Philippe Starck in his element at the TED conference.
A must view design video...!

Rebranding the European Union

Rem Koolhaas's design proposal for the rebranding of the European Union.
The 45 vertical coloured stripes are taken from the flags of every member of the Union. Together they express the ideas of diversity and unity.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Edible packaging

We are working on several ecological and sustainable development projects around the theme of packaging reduction, recycling and reuse.

This edible packaging designed by Nobuhiko Arika is an exciting opportunity to rethink conventional food packaging materials.

The plates and cutlery are made of flour, salt and water. They have a reasonable long shelf life and the unique advantage of being edible at the end of the meal. So zero waste.

Likewise Potatopak in New Zealand are developing potato starch based food packaging and containers.

Friday, 3 October 2008

Goods of Desire

Yaumati iconic Hong Kong image from Goods of Desire.
One of my favourite addresses in Hong Kong, G.O.D's products are quintessential HK style and this image reminds me of the view from the plane when flying into the old Kai Tak airport. Remember that? Now I am writing in my Yaumati notebook and working on ideas for my book about design in Asia.