Thursday, 12 February 2009

And BA by Newell + Sorrel for comparison

Here for comparison is the Newell + Sorrell British Airways brand from 1997. A much earlier and more elegant, aerodynamic version of the ribbon concept?

New Air France brand by BrandImage

Whilst on branding and design issues for leading French business's, here is the latest version of the Air France identity by BrandImage - formerly Desgrippes + Laga.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

New Citroën brand by Landor unveiled

The latest re-design of the Citroën brand by Landor and Citroën's design team has just been unveiled.

An interesting evolution aimed at re-energising the classic car brand and helping lift the fortunes of one of the world's struggling car manufacturers. We congratulate the initiative in investing in design to beat the recession.

In strategic and design terms, the evolution is in line with the current trend of adding greater presence and prestige to the brand, with a three dimensional treatment, a subtle glow from a brushed metallic surface and a very 2009 futuristic typographic treatment. Overall a successful evolution and repositioning.

Sign of the times

A classic British Ministry of Information propaganda poster from 1939 is given a new twist to suit the current economic climate in this T shirt.

The original poster, a very minimal and elegant typographic design using Eric Gill's Gill Sans type, was printed in 2.5 million examples.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Incredible real time widget site from 3G network Sprint

For a staggering overload of, beautifully presented, live updated statistics visit the Sprint Now widget site. Statistics include the current world population, the number of e-mails being sent and the most used words on the internet. Now wow!