Monday, 28 March 2016

Herzog & de Meuron Bordeaux stadium

Herzog & de Meuron Bordeaux stadium open.

Jean-Paul Viguier to build tallest timber towers in Bordeaux

Jean-Paul Viguier to build world's tallest timber framed towers in Bordeaux.
Photo Dezeeen

Lascaux 4 by Snohetta

Down the road from us, opening December 2016.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Feather quill logos...!

Think press, media and news information today and you think dynamic moving messages, interactive and digital. I'm always surprised how newsagent stores in France are still signed by medieval calligraphers feather quills. Explanation: Egyptian symbol of Ma'at - goddess of truth, justice & order. Later used as a Christian symbol of virtues. Maybe time for an update in the 21st century?
Times Square screen, biggest in the world, as long as a football field, 8 storeys high, 24 millions LED's.
Photo Getty Images

Apples for apples...

New Franprix logotype by Bastien FiguiƩ and Les Bons Faiseurs, looks very Apple... but a good improvement on the chaotic brand updates that have been all over the place in recent years. A bit Monop' too.