Thursday, 30 April 2015

Royal Mail new stamp collections

Two new stamp collections from Royal Mail UK. Inventive Britain honours inventions: the world wide web, DNA sequencing, the computer etc. The WWI collection features art and images of WWI.

New brand for GDF Suez...

New brand identity launched by GDF Suez, the French energy company. (€75 billion t/o). Who become Engie. Slightly weird brand with a very 70's feel... the inconsistency in the 'e' and 'g' treatment seem bizarre, the 'n' is angular where the rest is rounded and the slash of the dot on the 'i' distinctly strange. Plus, as any designer knows, the gradient in the sky will be very problematic to manage in print, signage etc. Design by Carré  Noir. Disappointing work from an agency like Carré Noir. (new top, old bottom)

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Oh dear, it doesn't get any better...

Oh dear, it doesn't get any better... Loire department just launched a new identity. Again no designer is credited with the work, they probably knocked it up it in-house. I fear we are going to see a lot more of this stuff with the new regions created by Hollande's government. Certainly no investment in design here!

2nd I am Nepal aid poster

Saturday, 25 April 2015

I am Nepal - Help Nepal Earthquake Aid poster

Our I am Nepal - Help Nepal poster for Nepal Earthquake Aid. Donations to the Red Cross at

Our Coca-Cola China bottle is worlds No.1 beverage brand

And our Coca-Cola China bottle & graphics design remains the No.1 selling beverage in the world!
140 million bottles sold per day for $78 billion pa of revenue in 2014.
Design created with Desgrippes Gobé Asia Pacific team.

Horizontal can logotype

Coca-Cola rolls out new can graphics with a horizontal logotype, as opposed to the curent vertical version on cans. The one I bought this week had the addition of 'Since 1886' slogan below the logotype. Different designs are being tested across Europe.

UK creative business on the streets

Destination branding: how it should be done

For some examples of how it should be done, visit:

Oh my God! Two new destination brands...

Oh my God! These are two examples of just launched new destination brands for the French city of Tours and the newly created region of Centre Val de Loire...

Total communication and branding disasters, they represent all the design errors that we teach our students to avoid in their first years at design school.
Both have been designed in-house without any consultation of the design agencies, professionals and expertise available. They discredit the regions, the design profession, the Mayor's who chose not to consult the experts and are an insult to the citizens of the country. They make a laughing stock of themselves on the national and international scene...

Sunday, 19 April 2015

UK creative industry posters

Our UK creative industry posters with latest government figures for design: £8.8 million per hour of revenue.