Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Gotham - the typeface of the decade

Created for GQ magazine, famously used for the Obama 'Yes We Can' campaign, adding gravitas to film posters and Coke advertising, Gotham by Hoefler & Frere-Jones is the typeface of the decade. The full story here.

Monday, 28 June 2010

What are we working on today?

One of the major projects that we have on the go right now is an important branding and packaging design assignment for an industry leader in the Heath & Beauty category.
The project includes naming and verbal identity, brand identity development and global packaging graphics.
Currently confidential we are targeting, with the client, a product launch in the Spring of 2011. Watch this space.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

A truck full of nuts...

Amongst on-going projects for Fazillac Noix, we are working on branding development, stationary, new packaging and collateral. Here is our proposal for a printed colour full vinyl wrap for delivery vehicles. The bag - but big!

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Strate Collège Designers workshop/critique

Final presentation and Paul's critique workshop at Strate Collège Designers with 4th Year and Master's students of the Branding/Packaging/Merchandising assignment: 'Active Sportswear Product' - Using design to bridge the gap between the product and the consumer.
Projects include Illusion Snowboard goggles using optical illusions, the visible and invisible; Alfalfa edible packaging for horse riding accessories; Silence a shrink wrapped white blank-canvas skateboard for personalisation and Golfing Polo's packed in transparent plastic tubes set in a green growing wall.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

New packaging projects for Fazillac Noix

Three years ago we created and launched the Fazillac Noix brand of walnuts and 100% virgin walnut oil. Following the creation of the distinctive brand identity, that is grounded in regional south west French authenticity, we designed the packaging and labelling for flow-packs and glass bottles. A new brand launch, it has been very successful and is now distributed by major supermarkets throughout the country. We are currently working on several new branding and design projects for Fazillac Noix.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

The Mori Hills Building on Omotesando

The Mori Hills Building on Omotesando, Tokyo continues Frank Lloyd Wright's Guggenheim Museum spiral architecture concept, but here the building fits into a triangular site as opposed to a circle. I visited it just after its opening and the effect of walking from the top floor to the ground down a continuous gentle slope is still a bit disturbing. Nice use of OLED lights on the restaurant window.

Coke Crate Man Johannesburg

A nice brand happening, art piece, sculpture and recycling project for Coca-Cola in Johannesburg. Particularly like his friendly Lego man look.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Frost byte for the State Library NSW

Some more examples of the typeface and design work developed by Frost Design for the State Library of NSW, Australia. A unique typeface created as part of the Libraries identity.

Go Global, Get into Australia campaign

Two more typographic posters from the Sydney Vodaphone campaign by Yello Brands and Am I Collective.

Ecole Bleue for The Haiti Poster Project

Work by my 4th Year students in support of the Haiti Poster Project is exhibited on the HPP website and in the accompanying exhibition and catalogue. It can also be seen on the Ecole Bleue website.

Grand Paris at the Ecole Bleue

The Grand Paris project, initiated by the French Government, aims to envisage the future vision of the Paris Metropole: urbanism, environment, transport, culture, ecology and the diversity and vitality of a major 21st century metropolis. 4th year students at the Ecole Bleue, responded with a poster campaign to communicate the concept.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The brand as activists weapon

I do not in any way endorse the defacing of brands and logotypes, which have been conceived in a genuinely strategic and creative process between client and designer, but what is undoubtedly interesting is the power of the brand as an icon of an industry or business and its potential for détournement for other ends.
This example of the bp brand is from the Greenpeace operation in reaction to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The brand becomes the message, design becomes an activist tool for demonstration and counter communication - it is more powerful than words or images.