Sunday, 26 January 2014

Great Britain - world's 4th most valuable destination brand

Great Britain now the 4th most valuable nation brand in the world. Value $2.4 billion, thanks in part to the 2012 Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee. (Following US, China & Germany. Ahead of Japan).

Branding identity and design fees

 The Council of the European Union gets a brand lifting. A redesign rather than a complete new concept. Design fee €60 000 and this is what you get. For details on our fee structure see 'How long is a piece of string?' on this blog.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

L'Isle-de-France, Paris region gets a logotype

Paris Region gets a logotype, with an inevitable reference to good old Eiffel. Its a strong identity that works well with its negative space. Shame about the clunky typography that does not seem to fit. Can't find the designer credit, unfortunately.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

The chaos of a multiplicity of France brands

The real issue in 'Made in...' branding is: one unique and powerful brand or dozens of conflicting and contradictory brands?
Pinel, Montebourg and Pellerin tell us they are working on it. We await the outcome and hope for an improvement on Origine France and made in frAnce.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Union arrow for Made in Britain

Great Britain gets a new Made in Britain logotype, designed by The Partners, in the continuing Made in... logo saga. The bold red arrow points to the future. Below my review of the disastrous French version from March 2013.