Friday, 28 March 2008

Architectural firms business card project

For an architectural firm we are exploring ideas about combining two and three dimensions, volume and space in their business cards and stationary to communicate the creative process of two dimensional ideas that become three dimensional buildings.

In this pop-up card the buildings rise from flat plans to standing buildings as you open the folded card. Cut out windows and doors allow light to shine through the facade and project changing shadows in the same way as real buildings do.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Morgan hydrogen cell car

Morgan LifeCar, a zero pollution hydrogen cell powered sports car to be unveiled at the Geneva Car Show. A joint venture by Morgan Motor Company, Oscar Automative, QuinetiQ, Linde AG, Oxford and Cranfield Universities.

Deforestation by WWF

Another creative visual for the WWF China concerning deforestation, paper consumption and recycling.
The 'log' cover replaces the existing wc paper dispenser cover.

WWF Asia visual

A powerful visual for the WWF from China on the theme of environmental ecology.