Thursday, 26 June 2008

Hong Kong street graphics and scenes

Sights and signs in Central Hong Kong: a cocktail of traditional calligraphy and contemporary graphics, the scent of orchids, incense and exhaust fumes. Cantonese liberally sprinkled with English words. Illuminated waterfront towers in Central & Sheung Wan and crowded tenament blocks.

Unbranded delicacy packaging

Traditional vernacular packaging seen in a downtown Hong Kong butchers shop.
Wrapped in a banana leaf and bound with natural twine, no label or brand is necessary to vouch the quality of this delicacy - it is a given.
Of course, for someone not brought up in this culture there is no indication of what is hidden inside the package - you just have to try it to find out. It is delicious!

Ecological washing powder brand and packaging design: Strate College Designers

Presentation of creative work by 4th year students at Strate College Designers on completion of their branding and packaging assignment: Creation and positioning of an alternative ecological washing powder for a leading detergent brand.

The project included identification of an alternative washing ingredient (soapnuts, Eucalyptus etc), naming, eco-conception, co-branding, packaging shape/volume, branding and pack graphics.

All work was discussed and presented in English to help develop a professional English design vocabulary. The students benefit from the Erasmus exchange programme from which they have just returned. Destinations included UK, USA, Mexico and Italy.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

The ultimate brand pattern

Seen in Hong Kong last week, this facade for the Coach store in Central takes the repeatbrand pattern idea to its ultimate limit and wraps the entire building.
The facade is a combination of white on white die cut panels, backlit C motifs and glass curtain wall.
Looks brilliant at dusk as the lights come on.