Saturday, 24 June 2017

Paris 2024 Olympics logotype & floating athletics track

The floating athletics track on the Seine and the Dragon Rouge designed candidate city logotype for the Paris 2024 Olympics bid. Running on the Seine is a cool concept.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Ridiculously kitsch, old style Vins de France logo - just launched!

This ridiculous and kitch Eiffel Tower made of (illegible) wine bottles and badly placed typography  is the new, yes new, logotype for the promotion of French Wines!
Launched by the Association Nationale Interprofessionnelle de Vins de France, it would be a joke if it wasn't an important identity, branding and marketing challenge...
Below a couple of the numerous wine promotion brands that are intelligent, creative, graphically powerful and impactful.
Yes another missed opportunity...

'Own' organic cosmetic brand

Branding, naming, packaging design, guidelines for 'Own' organic cosmetics. Designers Alicia & Yao.

Tears for Grenfell Tower, Love for Grenfell Tower

Propelling Pencil branding

Propelling Pencil branding design: the P monogram. Storytelling in luxury, culture & lifestyle.

Retail Design of the Future: project presentation

Presentation by Ecole Bleue Global Design students of 'Retail Design of the Future' projects to Hammerson Plc (retail & shopping centre developers), Minale Design Strategy and journalists at Hammerson headquarters Paris.

Slipography typeface design

Slipography typeface. Designed by Lisa, 3rd Year student at the Ecole Bleue in Visual Communications, during the end of year examinations, for the brand Le Slip Fran├žais.

Trump becomes a source of jokes in US advertising

Advertisers in the US start to joke about Trump & Russia in their advertising campaigns, as the Smirnoff Made in America ad.