Friday, 12 June 2009

b3 - beverage, brand, bottle

b3 - a project to create a beverage, brand and bottle for a non alcoholic drink.
'Slice' is about as pure and close to nature as you can get. The PET cup and Slice logo is cut at a diagonal to communicate the immediacy of the slicing gesture. The cup is textured like the skin of the fruit, the top conveys all the freshness of the real fruit. Extensible across a full range of different flavours.
'Twist & Mix' is a scientific approach where the fruit concentrate in the neck of the bottle is released into the water when the drinking straw is inserted.
'Hot' an energy drink, works on the principal of two ingredients which separate, like oil and water, until shaken when they become one. A transparent PET can has a ring-pull opening. When shaken and mixed the temperature appears to rise as in a thermometer.
'Drop' a collection of pure spring mineral waters, conveys purity with a transparent film pouch in the form of a water drop.
All work by students of Ecole Bleue.

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