Sunday, 4 March 2007

New London Underground line extension and station

Not sure that it is very politically correct and in light of recent events, not the most used friendly sation name. But here is the latest Underground station on the Central line extension east to Takeshita-Doori and Harajuku.

Tokyo Metro has the worlds fastest ticket barriers as well as the worlds most punctual trains, timed to the second and stopping within milimeters of their predetermined stop positions so that the doors open precisely where the orderly lines of waiting commuters stand ready to board.

Be specific when arranging a rendez-vous at a station: Shinjuku station has more than one hundred exits and sees over 1 million passengers pass through each day. Meeting up can be tricky without precise information.

On the metro trains, keep up to date with news, weather reports, watch advertising and be informed on which side of the train the doors will open at the next stop, thanks to TV monitors and (on some lines) bilingual Japanese / English information.

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