Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Erasmus Prize: Design for the Public Domain

Congratulations to Pierre Bernard for the award of the Erasmus Prize and his contribution to the world of Visual Communications.

Presentation speech by HRH the Prince of Orange.

"We tend to take it for granted that our society is guided by images, by photos of important events, by advertisements and strong visual stimulants that steer our activities and our perception of the world. It is hard to imagine a world without images.

Visual communication has become more powerful than oral or textual communication and in recent decades has developed into a discipline of its own.

This is a field of enquiry, where analysis of the communication process reaches far beyond the simple understanding of technical processes, or the aesthetic evaluation of pictures. Visual communication is a field of study made up of various branches of social science and humanities research.

It is the domain of the graphic designers par excellence.
We cannot deny that the quality of their work has an impact on the quality of our daily lives".

Identity for the Parcs Nationaux de France by Pierre Bernard.
A Fibonacci spiral representing all the flora and fauna in the National Parks.

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