Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A bit too "Fait Maison", no?

In an ongoing saga that I have already discussed here, (articles of 20 June & 27 July 2013) the Ministry of Economy launched yesterday the "Fait Maison" logotype in an attempt to promote home cooked restaurant food in the face of heated up industrially produced meals.

Unfortunately the logotype and communications look all too 'home made' and show a total lack of consultation with design leaders and the creative industry. More of a 'knocked up on the corner of the kitchen table', look...! Update: designed in house at the Minister of Economy...! What a missed opportunity to promote the French design industry and creative excellence...
In the branding guidelines there seems to be no typographic lock-up or typestyle associated with the cumbersome early 70's style industrial looking logotype. Is this really going to help promote "Fait Maison" cuisine? Bon app├ętit!

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