Friday, 8 March 2013

A design disaster 'Made in France'

The total disaster Made in France logotype by Arnaud Pigoudines of Jak, Paris. He describes it as ‘a logo-picto to put onto products and labels, at a small size, where space is limited’, ‘the principal was to be easily recognisable on a pack’. 
Some joke! This does not work in small sizes, is hard to print, has colour registration issues, requires CMYK or special colors, will be a lot of fun to embroider on textile labels. The hand drawn A is just a joke - oh and the clever Eiffel Tower reference! The lock-ups are bizarre and the 'Made in' changes position, size and weight.
This proposal seems to discredit the design profession by its amateurism and is sure to do strictly nothing to help promote and dynamise French business. Merde!

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