Monday, 6 June 2011

Origine France Garantie logotype

19 May saw the official unveiling at the Assemblée Nationale of the new Origine France logotype. The stated objectives being the promotion of French industrial and artisanal 'savoire-faire' and a standard to identify French origin for domestic and export markets.

Disappointing to discover the outcome of 18 months reflection on the subject in this indistinctive and dated looking design. The message and national identity is a lot clearer in the origin logotypes of France's principal market competitors. No mention of the designer or agency is made in the press announcement. I am awaiting a reply to this from Origine France.
And what is that chisel tip 'marker' style typeface?

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Anonymous said...

That typeface is 'Barbedor' designed by the Swiss typographer Hans Eduard Meller. Thanks to Jean Baptsiste Vouters, PDG Graphèmes for the clarification.