Wednesday, 25 May 2011

How long is a piece of string?

What is the investment and what is the return on investment in design? The response is invariably another question - How long is a piece of string?
Nevertheless our design budgets and fee structure are dependent entirely on the nature of the brief and our intervention: the communication problem, the target objectives, the strategy put in place and the solutions proposed.
Our fees are calculated in function of the hours and days to be committed to each phase of the project, multiplied by the duration of the assignment and are mutually agreed. Typically our budgets range from
€5 000 to €50 000, with the occasional project at slightly more or less than this.
Return on investment and the added value of design are now givens and hardly need to be demonstrated. We have achieved 100% sales increases, touched one billion consumers, achieved thousands of site visits a day at launch, doubled turnover and exceeded targets with our interventions.
Design is the unique market differentiator and creator of added value.
It is design that creates icons and generates the 'must have' emotional response, that makes the difference between the generic and the unique - qualities and values that are, of course, priceless.

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