Thursday, 9 September 2010

Retail design at St Pancras International Station

Sourced Market, recently opened at London's St Pancras station, is a great example of station retailing and food services.

It has all the ambiance and quality ingredients of an outdoor market, locally sourced food, fine wines and great design by Shaun Clarkson and branding by Thoughtmatic. An original concept for a rail station. Also at St Pancras is the Grand Champagne Bar, ideal for a drink before boarding the Euro Star.

As someone who travels through Paris’s Gare d’Austerlitz station almost every week, I wish the SNCF would upgrade the quality of services offered here, the overall interior design and furnishings which do not appear to have been touched for 50 years.

When we lived in New York I travelled through Grand Central Station each day. A great restaurant overlooks the main ticket hall and on the lower level there is the Grand Central Oyster Bar. With quality services, restaurants and retailing, rail stations can become a genuine destination and an experience, not just a functional travel hub.
Top images St Pancras, last image Gare d'Austerlitz


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul

Just read your blog so wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for your appreciation!

Most stations in the UK are dismal places when it comes to retail so it was really exciting to have the opportunity to do something different in a building I think is fantastic.

You've got some great stuff on your blog so we're flattered to be included!

All the best


Ben O'Brien | Sourced Market
180-186 Kings Cross Road | London WC1X 9DE
T 020 7183 3251 | M 0796 627 4213 | F 0709 235 1390

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

I study at Nottingham Trent University and currently researching for my dissertation on "Eurostar Travel: The Future of Retail Developments".

I have come across your article on retail design at St Pancras and was wondering if I could contact you regarding your ideas on the topic?

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Your help would be much appreciated.

Hannah Waller