Sunday, 1 March 2009

One world, one people, one icon. International Day for Tolerance campaign

Campaign posters for the International Day for Tolerance on the theme of one world, one people, one icon, by 4th Year students at Ecole Bleue, Paris.

1. Difference - Tolerance - Ignorance.

2. Multi cultural portraits and a folding booklet for creating infinitely different faces.
A world flag created from national flags.

3. Fingerprints - what colour?
We are all individual, we are all equal.

4. Racism kills poster based on eye test.
Black and white equated to chocolate.
The colour spectrum: we are all only one tint away from the next man. Plus a Mobius strip wristband gradating through the colour spectrum.

5. World fingerprint: one world - all unique.
Together we can do everything campaign: cut out posters into which you can insert your face to become part of the community and a Together t shirt... for sharing.

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